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Isn’t the world a calm and collected place right now? If you started crying at this innocent question, first of all: I feel you! Second: I think it’s time you get prepared to get in the ring and start fighting.

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Political Sciences, a sub-field of Social Sciences, is, for some unexplained reason, growing in popularity these days (shocking, I know). But, behind the name, what are the exact things you’ll study and do, and what will the future bring for graduates of Bachelors in Political Sciences?

And… please, stop crying, will you?

1. What careers and salaries will you be entitled to after completing your Bachelor’s?

Usually, alumni of Bachelor’s degrees in Political Sciences tend to go on and work as elected officials.

Still, because some aspects of this life may be way too difficult and pose a lot of ethical questions nobody is ready to answer (Do you get elected and then vote on a legislation your constituents oppose, but that will do them good? Or vote as they wish and disregard the greater good?), a lot of graduates decide this life may not be for them and simply take another route.

Other awesome careers for Political Sciences graduates are:

Journalist or political correspondent

“Impartial, free, and fair” is the slogan by which all reporters and correspondents have to live by (which beats Russia’s nuclear missile programme’s “After us – only silence” motto), but in order to report that way, journalists have to understand what is happening and then tell the masses.


A lobbyist, in the most basic terms, is the angel or devil that sit on politicians’ shoulders and whisper what decision they should take. Armed with facts, petitions, and personal charm, lobbyists have to persuade politicians to enact legislation that would benefit them and the world in general, like environmental legislation, for example.

Public Relations Specialist

We are, still, a lucky few that can do and say almost anything, seeing how we’re pretty unimportant, on a global scale. Still, because politicians and public entities have to be a model of good behaviour, they will need people that can go and talk to the press and present everything in the most positive and perfect light imaginable.

Policy Analyst

Let’s say a proposal to make illegal owning only one guinea pig falls in your lap. What will you do? Pass it? Laugh at it and use it to make confetti? Stare into the distance and ask yourself what the world is coming too? Actually, no. You give it to someone you trust to read and consider its merits and faults, and here’s where a policy analyst comes in handy. And, before you wonder any longer, Switzerland is the country that made owning a single guinea pig illegal. See? Who says politics is boring?

Political Consultant

Taking a decision that might affect millions of people can’t be easy, so that’s why politicians usually surround themselves with consultants, whose basic jobs come down to “be frank and tell me all the advantages and disadvantages of a law, and then think of a few more, so we wouldn’t leave any area unchecked”. And yes, it is as hard and time-consuming as it sounds.

But, as complicated as these jobs may seem, you should know that the salaries make everything worthwhile, if you are driven by financial gains, and not justice. Some of the salaries you may expect as a Political Sciences alumni are:

  • As a lobbyist, around 55.900 EUR/year
  • As a Public Relations specialist, around 47.800 EUR/year
  • As a journalist, between 18.000 and 68.600 EUR/year
  • As a political consultant or policy analyst, between 40.000 and 136.800 EUR/year

2. What you need to know to practice in the field of Political Sciences

Government isn’t for everybody.

You might assume that all you do is sit around and once in a while vote for a law or budget to pass, but that doesn’t even come close to what Political Sciences is all about.

In order to be a great Political Sciences alumni, you’ll first have to know all the regulatory agencies in your country or region, which are usually those entities that end with Commission, Administration, or Agency.

Secondly, you have to possess and combine knowledge on:

Yeah… that’s no walk in the park.

The point behind all these is that you get to know the people you’re trying to help and the institutions that can help them, and, with those in mind, you can get to write or take an important decision.

International students studying Political Sciences

3. What are some popular universities for Bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences?

Political Science is the type of degree that can be found in any country, but that vary immensely between regions, even universities.

Still, based on our data, we found out that most international students flock to universities like:

4. What countries should you consider for your Bachelor in Political Sciences?

Ok, so. Remember the “this degree varies depending on the country” part from above?

Well, let’s talk a bit about it.

Countries that play a big part in the global landscape or that have a seat at the table of major summits need capable and prepared people to advise or even decide on these matters.

It comes as no surprise, then, that you can study the most:

So, who knows? Maybe after you consider everything here, you can become one of the few politicians that can make a difference, and then you will be the one who will stop a young student from crying one day.

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