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6 Reasons Why You Should Study a BBA Degree in 2023

Ever dream of becoming an important part of the managing team in a firm or corporation, but don’t want to wait until you get an MBA? Well, a BBA degree (Bachelor of Business Administration) is the best way to get started.

But what are the most compelling reasons to start studying a BBA degree? 

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1. Study at top business schools in the world

BBA degrees are some of the most sought-after Business degrees, being offered by some of the best universities worldwide. According to the latest QS Rankings by TopUniversities, these are some of the best business schools in the world:

Check out all the top business schools in the QS Rankings.

Here are other universities we recommend for Business studies:

2. Study a BBA degree almost anywhere in the world

Thanks to the high popularity of Business studies, it is hardly surprising that you can study a BBA degree in most countries that attract large numbers of international students.

Our recommendation is that you check out countries that focus on management or administration and want to keep growing in this market. That’s why we suggest international study destinations like:

3. BBA degrees offer versatile Business studies

In video game terms, a BBA would be ranked at a level 5 — a challenging, extreme, brutal, lunatic boss of a degree (okay, I’ll stop with these encouraging adjectives, but you get my drift). BBAs are usually the most comprehensive management degrees and offer the most relevant and applicable information.

Still, BBA degrees have many iterations that can focus on different Business aspects and specialisations. That’s why you can find:

4. A BBA degree gives you easier access to an MBA

An MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is one of the most well-known abbreviations for a Master’s degree. Seeing how popular MBAs are and how many people apply annually, you should definitively take into account the boost a BBA can have for your career and how it raises your chances of getting into an MBA.

Don’t get me wrong: you can apply and get admitted to an MBA programme even without a BBA diploma, but you will need a Bachelor’s degree, even if it’s from a non-Business-related field.

And, since you already need an undergraduate degree and your heart is set on following an MBA, setting the fundamentals with a BBA is the right decision you can make.

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5. Graduate a BBA and get great jobs and salaries

One of the main advantages of a BBA is that it is a highly specialised degree. This means that the type of knowledge and skills you acquire aren’t easily obtained and involve a lot of hard work.

This, in turn, will make you a valuable candidate for international companies, which are always on the lookout for fresh minds who can help the business evolve. BBA graduates can provide this and add a lot of value, which means their work is also paid accordingly.

Here are some of the most popular jobs among BBA graduates and the average salaries in the US (based on income data from PayScale):

  • Accountant – 51,900 USD/year
  • Financial Analyst – 62,000 USD/year
  • Digital Marketing Specialist – 50,385 USD/year
  • Human Resource (HR) Specialist – 51,930 USD/year
  • Real Estate Agent – 48,635 USD/year

To keep things realistic, with a BBA degree, you can expect a starting salary of around 44,000 USD/year in many developed countries. But once you gain more experience… the sky is the limit!

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6. BBA degrees cover a lot of relevant topics

Of course, being a Bachelor’s degree, BBA courses will take you from scratch, building slowly on a theoretical foundation, and prepare you to get into an internship during your college years.

As it’s normal, the degree offers you an overview of all the subjects related to Business Administration, so it will be easier for you to pick which one is your favourite, or simply understand how the huge corporate machine works.

The core disciplines you will cover as a BBA student include:

  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Business communication
  • Statistics
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Strategic management
  • Sales management

Considering all these aspects and doing a bit of soul-searching beforehand, you might find that a Bachelor of Business Administration is the perfect fit for you and your future.

Whatever you decide, we wish you good luck, and never forget to have fun and enjoy your academic studies, no matter what!

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