10 International Universities to Do a Bachelor's in Computer Science in 2019

In today’s business world, everything is related to technology. Having a knack for information technology is not only popular, but also a highly required skill. If you’re considering a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, you’ll have an open door to various career opportunities, from computer network architect, to a database administrator, a web developer and so much more.

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Here are ten great universities worldwide that provide Bachelor’s degrees in Information Technology:

1. Southern New Hampshire University, the U.S.

The B.Sc. in Information Technology will teach you how to apply both IT and business skills to solve various issues that occur in any private company, governmental agency or NGO. You will become an expert in dealing with information databases.

The curriculum of the Bachelor’s degree covers courses of database design, IT strategy and management.

Southern New Hampshire University offers many scholarships to international students, so don't hesitate to apply to one.

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2. Stenden University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands

The four years Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology at Stenden prepares you for some of the most popular careers in the field such as software engineer, web developer, or IT consultant. You will benefit from the university’s amazing facilities, including a laboratory where you can use 3D printers,  among other modern devices.

Starting from your second year, you can partake internships in local tech companies.

3. Bilkent University, Turkey

The B.Sc. in Technology and Information Systems is more focused on helping students gain skills in software development. You will attend courses of algorithms and data structure, web technologies, and mobile application development.

Beginning with your third year, you can enlarge your area of expertise and engage in practical exercises related to database, networking, and e-commerce.

4. IE University, Spain

The Bachelor’s degree offered by IE University has a multidisciplinary approach and tackles some of the current business challenges such as economics of technological change, or innovation management.

You also have the chance to attend practical workshops where you will understand and learn how to manage technologies like ERP, CRM, cloud, and mobile applications.

5. University of South Florida, the U.S.

U.S. News ranked University of South Florida in top 20 for information technology degrees so as a student here, you can be sure you’ll get top academic training. In addition to specific IT skills, you will also acquire problem solving and communication abilities. Latest research discoveries are integrated into the curriculum that covers topics like psychological science, macroeconomics, math, and human computer interfaces.

6. University of Information Technology and Management, Poland

The Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Information Technology has a unique feature: it integrates a collaboration with the Cisco Networking Academy Program.

You will be introduced with modern techniques and tools for software development and maintenance and get to attend trainings taught by specialists from Microsoft and Oracle.

7. University of Tasmania, Australia

At University of Tasmania, you will get insights in computational science, management, and emerging technology. The curriculum integrates an interdisciplinary research, and will enhance your practical skills in creating and implementing ICT components.

In your final year, you will attain practical work experience, developing a project in which you will design and come up with an IT solution to a real tech-related issue.

8. Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Finland

The Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology uses project-based learning methods, which you will learn to apply in areas like software design, cloud systems or design of wireless devices.

Savonia University has international partnerships in over 30 countries, and for this reason, you can complete your final thesis abroad if you wish to.

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9. KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

At KTH, all Bachelor’s degrees integrate a large research component, which is conducted in collaboration with local companies. The degree has a flexible schedule, enabling you to choose from a wide range of elective courses and to customize your specialisation. You can study subjects like economics, management and sustainable development.

10. Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania

The Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems includes three specializations: applied informatics, business informatics, and software systems. In your first year, you’ll study the essentials of programming, informatics and mathematics.

Once you complete the degree, you will know how to use artificial intelligence and machine learning methods in numerous fields, including healthcare or engineering.

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