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7 Great Universities for a Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management in 2023

The sports management is a competitive (of course), but thriving industry that has been developing a lot in recent years. Along with the sports business becoming so present in the media and with the expansion of online games and betting, an increasing number of students is highly interested in developing a career in this field. 

If you’re a sports fan and believe you can also develop a business mindset, a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management could be your winning ticket to a wonderful and prosperous career. And don’t think you can only become a sports coach with this degree, although Edwin van der Sar and Juan Mata both finished a Sports Management degree.

Bachelor’s degrees in Sports Management prepare students for becoming experts in branding, public relations, or even managing big sportswear companies like Nike or Adidas.

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Here are some great universities offering Bachelors in Sports Management abroad that we recommend:

1. University of Nicosia 

The Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management offered by University of Nicosia in Cyprus offers insights on current management practices in all kinds of sports. The study degree focuses on sports theories and challenges that occur in an international business environment.

The curriculum includes topics related to history of sports and human performance management.

2. Southern New Hampshire University

At Southern New Hampshire University, you can combine sports management theories with real, practical exercises on sport fields.

The B.Sc. in Sports Management teaches you how to identify legal issues in the sports business and you’ll also learn new and interesting things about golf club management, or ethics in sports.

3. EU Business School

Within EU Business School in Spain, the Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management truly focuses on the business side of sports. You will study courses related to advertising, media and accounting in sports, but you will also develop expertise in the main principles from physical education.

Once you complete the degree, you will be able to analyse and assess the role of major players in sports teams and integrate efficient sports-related business strategies.

4. Richmond, the American International University in London

At Richmond, the undergraduate degree in sports management is more involved in helping students develop valuable coaching abilities.

However, you won’t simply learn how to become a good sports coach, you will also acquire knowledge related to recommended nutrition and health practices of sport athletes.

In addition to your Bachelor’s diploma, Richmond, the American International University in London offers graduates a certificate in coaching and an award in management and leadership.

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5. University of Applied Sciences Europe 

If you enrol at University of Applied Sciences Europe, you can choose your focus area within the Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management. For instance, you can specialise in either marketing, sports management, business administration or public relations.

The unique feature of the Bachelor’s degree is that you can go behind the scenes of big basketball clubs in Germany.

6. University of the West of Scotland

The Bachelor of Science in Sports Development available at University of the West of Scotland tackles upon most common issues in international sports management. You will learn to develop and suggest practical solutions to various issues in sports, health and fitness industries.

The curriculum includes courses in coaching, sport and exercise science, and leisure facility management.

7. Teeside University

The Sports Management Bachelor’s degree at Teeside University is mostly dedicated to students who prepare for careers in football management. Located in Middlesbrough, home of the famous Middlesbrough Football Club, the university collaborates with football coaches and experts.

You will have the chance to engage in several internship opportunities and in addition to football business, learn more about sport finance and economics, and sport branding and marketing.

Interested in finding more study opportunities in the Sports Management field?

Check out these popular destinations for a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management:

Also check out online Bachelor’s degrees in Sports Management as well as online Masters in Sports Management

Keep in mind that becoming successful in any field, including Sports Management, allows you to give back to others and create a better, more united world, which is something we should all strive for. 

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