University Tuition Fees for International Students Applying for a Master's in the UK

The United Kingdom is one of the top international study destinations attracting millions of students yearly, thanks to its top research, modern teaching methods and state of the art facilities, and unequalled offer of study programmes at Bachelor's, Master's or PhD level. However, the UK is not one of the most affordable international study destinations.

So if you want to have the perfect study experience abroad you need to be very careful how you plan your finances for the UK.

Don’t limit your search for study options to London because you will find plenty of affordable degree programmes in other parts of the country as well. You will notice big differences between tuition costs in England, and the regions of Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

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Tuition fees in England

Average Master’s degree tuition fees in the United Kingdom range from 6,000 - 10,000 GBP per year, although costs can get considerably higher depending on the institution and the programme you plan to attend; fees for disciplines such as business, engineering or computer science can be considerably higher compared to fees for disciplines like education, journalism or humanities.

Usually, yearly tuition fees don’t differ very much between undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in England.

You should also be aware that non-EU students are sometimes charged double or triple the amount of tuition fees that is set for local and EU students.

  • Average tuition fees for EU students: 9,500 GBP/year
  • Average tuition fees for non-EU students: 17,500 GBP/year

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Tuition fees in Scotland

International students coming from the EU who are planning to attend a Bachelor's in Scotland will not have to pay any tuition fees. Eligible students are entitled to have their tuition fees paid by the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS). 

Master’s students from the EU can apply with the SAAS for a loan of 5,500 GBP for their tuition fees.

  • Average tuition fees for EU students: 9,000 GBP/year
  • Average tuition fees for non-EU students: 17,000 GBP/year

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Tuition fees in Wales

Welsh universities can charge tuition fees of up to 9,000 GBP/year for both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Check the latest funding opportunities the Welsh government provides to EU students.

  • Average tuition fees for EU students: 5, 000 GBP/year
  • Average tuition fees for non-EU students: 13, 000 GBP/year

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Tuition fees in Northern Ireland

The maximum amount EU students have to pay in Northern Ireland was set to a maximum of around 3,500 GBP yearly. However, due to the fact that the local government has reduced funding for higher education, some universities in Northern Ireland have started to charge tuition that is just a little over 4,000 GBP/year.

  • Average tuition fees for EU students: 5,000 GBP/year
  • Average tuition fees for non-EU students: 12,000 GBP/year

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Most affordable universities in the UK

Check the list of British universities with the most affordable tuition fees for EU students:

Tuition fees at top-ranked universities

Here is a list of average tuition fees at the top ranked UK universities:

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Funding and student support at UK universities

Find scholarships, grants, student loans as well as rent subsidies and other types of support to cover your study costs in the United Kingdom.

Scotland will cover EU student tuition fees completely through SAAS agency. Some advantageous student loans only have to start being paid back after graduation, with payment plans that only require a small part of your salary every month.

Northern Ireland and Wales offer financial aid to students depending on a set of criteria, depending if the university or college you plan to attend offers such options.

You can also check out the Studyportals Scholarship to get some help on financing your studies abroad.

Search through over 600 scholarships offered in the United Kingdom, including some of the most popular scholarships for international students.

Student visa in the UK

If you are starting to consider doing your studies in the UK, you should also check out the UK student visa requirements based on your nationality. Here are some details for: 

The UK student visa fee is 377 EUR.

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