How to Decide If a Nursing Degree Is Right for Your Career

Most people consider their school years finished once they graduated a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. However, if you want to become one of the best in your field, you cannot stop learning and searching for ways to improve yourself.

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We are here to help you understand what your next steps could be, as well as a few examples of jobs and prospective careers that await you once you start this academic journey.

Benefits of working as a nurse today

Pursuing a career in Nursing can be one of the best decisions you could make. It is one of the most versatile and interesting jobs on the market, and here are a few great reasons to choose it:

  • You will be able to take care of people and make a difference in their lives on a daily basis, and that's one of the most rewarding things you can do  
  • The knowledge you gain is usable anywhere you go, which expands your career horizon significantly 
  • You will be able to both teach patients how to better take care of themselves and you will also learn important life lessons from them and their families 
  • You can become a chief nurse, coordinate people, and make sure patients receive proper treatment 

What you’ll need to study to practise Nursing

Bachelor’s degree in Nursing

Once you have decided that a Bachelor’s degree is perfect for you it should be smooth sailing from now on.

Most times, a Bachelor’s degree is enough in order to get a job as a nurse, for today’s job market. It will offer you a very good chance of obtaining employment, seeing how there’s a significant deficit between supply and demand.

Master’s degree in Nursing

In some countries, like USA, advance practice nurses (nurse anaesthetists, clinical nurse specialists and nurse midwives) are required to have at least a Master’s degree to practice. Also, if you want to advance your knowledge or consider changing your specialisation at some point, this degree is a very good option.

Some of the most popular countries where you can get a Master’s degree in Nursing are:

PhDs in Nursing

This degree is the one nurses who wish to work in administration and executive positions usually take. Some of the jobs you can aspire too with a PhD in Nursing are:

  • clinical research
  • advanced clinical practice
  • health administration

This title comes with a certain amount of prestige, seeing how it will mean you are a peer and you will help in advancing the theoretical foundation of Nursing and care delivery.

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Careers for Nursing graduates

As PhD degrees are fairly advanced and take a lot of time to obtain, you can settle on a job as soon as possible, so you can fund your next academic step.

In countries worldwide, prospective nurses can opt for jobs like:

  • Hospital/clinic nurse 
  • Travel nurses 
  • Nurse midwives 
  • Nurse anaesthetists 
  • Forensic nurses 
  • Informatics nurse specialists 
  • School nurses 
  • Corporate nurses 

Responsibilities of Nursing graduates

You are probably wondering what else will a nurse do, besides providing care for patients. Some of your other attributes will be:

  • assisting doctors during surgery 
  • communicating with patients and their relatives 
  • educating patients regarding health care and drug administration 
  • coordinating with doctors and other healthcare professionals for creating customised care plans 
  • planning discharges from hospitals 
  • other administrative tasks, like maintaining and managing patient records 

If you will follow a Master’s programme in Nursing, you will be prepared for a variety of advanced nursing roles, including:

  • healthcare quality improvement 
  • community nursing 
  • psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner 

Salaries for nurses

Worldwide, nurses are in high demand and, according to health specialists, this trend will continue. According to Health Affairs U.S., the country will have a shortage of around 700,000 nurses by 2025.

There’s no wonder it is worth taking your education a step further and preparing yourself for the job market.

On the financial side of things, salaries range wildly, depending on the country and the specialisation you wish to pursue. For instance:

  • In the United States, salaries for nursing activities depend on the state where you work and the qualifications you’ve earned. On average, they range between 55,000 and 60,000 USD per year;
  • In the UK, nurses have an annual income of around 47,000 USD per year
  • In Norway, nurses earn around 49,000 USD per year.

Finding a great job as a nurse should be easy, seeing how popular of a profession it is. With enough patience and determination, you will find the right job for you and come later to thank us for the explanations.

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