4 Reasons to Study a Bachelor’s Degree in Europe in 2020

Time has a way of not passing fast enough for you to start your hands-on approach to life. As soon as high-school reaches its final year, you begin to have doubts about your local college opportunities. But there’s a great alternative that may help you choose your education and work perspective: enrol for a Bachelor’s degree in a foreign country.

Europe is a mosaic of cultures and experiences that complete each other. So why not contribute with your own?

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Before deciding, you should answer a few questions, like:

  • Are you naturally curious?
  • Do you have a strong desire to discover things by yourself, instead of just being told by others?
  • Are you bored by high-school and can’t figure out how any of that stuff is supposed to help you save the world or get rich while trying?
  • Do you know what to do after graduation?
  • You want to find something meaningful to do, but how much can you get out of a Bachelor’s degree?

1. Europe is the best destination students can choose

The world is getting smaller day by day. But don’t worry, it isn’t shrinking! It's only the borders, distances, and differences that aren’t as big of a deal as they used to be. For example, you can drink your morning Turkish coffee in Istanbul, have your lunch in busy Berlin, or sip afternoon tea in London, and not necessarily during the same day.

But when it comes down to travel and learning opportunities, Europe is a great place to start discovering things through personal experiences. There’s a point when you realise watching videos on YouTube and reading posts on Facebook can only get you so far.

2. Lots of subjects you can study in Europe

While there are specific education programmes that are available throughout the world, it is also important to take advantage of tradition and experience. Here are our recommendations for your European study adventure:

students outdoor cafe Europe.jpg 3. Widely accessible Bachelor’s degree programmes

There are many Bachelor's degrees in Europe that are either offered for free or are very affordable. This not only encourages you to study there, but also allows you to invest more money into things like travelling and exploring the culturally rich countries

You might be surprised to learn that you can use your English skills to get a Bachelor’s degree anywhere in Europe, from Dublin to Istanbul and from Lisbon to Helsinki. 

Here are some affordable (or even free) English-taught bachelors in Europe:

4. Top European universities waiting for you

Getting a Bachelor’s degree abroad is only the first step in your plan, but it can also be the biggest and most important leap you’ll ever make. Every employee will appreciate your international degree and the skills you will develop. If you're more interested in starting your own business, you'll be happy to hear that Europe has some of the best Business & Management programmes in the world.

Getting the right qualification for your career also depends on the people you meet, the practical skills you learn and the visibility it can provide. So, go ahead and reap the benefits of an international education!

Some of the universities you should check out are:

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Still not convinced? Come and choose the best study option for you!

If you’re afraid there are too many options, don’t worry! Find out what each of the programmes has to offer and what you might need to apply, so start your search early and get ready for the time of your life.

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