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Budapest Metropolitan University, Hungary: Study Experience of Mohammad

Mohammad is currently pursuing his Bachelor's degree in Photography at Budapest Metropolitan University. He found the programme and enrolled via Studyportals. We asked Mohammad about his experience of searching and applying to a university abroad.

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Tell us a bit about yourself. What is your name? How old are you? Where are you from?

My name is Mohammad, I'm 23 years old and I'm from Iran.

Where are/were you studying and what programme? What degree and how long is your programme?

I'm studying Photography at the Metropolitan University of Applied Science in Budapest – Hungary. This is a Bachelor's level course and it will be in it for three years .

Why did you want to study abroad?

I always loved the western culture but I never had a chance to go to any of the European countries, so few years after graduating from high school I decided to study abroad and fulfil my old dream.

What were your main priorities when choosing your university and your programme (e.g. academics, accommodation, university services & facilities, personal & professional development, city & culture, cost & funding, practicalities, social life)?

The tuition fee and the facilities were my main objects and a good social life was also important to me

Was this your first study choice? What other universities did you consider? What was the main reason for your final choice?

My first choice was BKF but I had other places in mind , but BKF suited my budget very well so I chose BKF as my main option after considering the cost of other universities.

Did you know from the start that you wanted to study in that particular country and city? Why did you choose this particular location?

I had a pretty good idea about Budapest, I knew that it was a great hub for art and photography and the fact that Budapest was a four season city suited me greatly because I come from a city that had a four season feel to it so it was very hard for me to go to places that only had Winter - Summer seasons .

How did Studyportals help you in your decision process?

I did a lot of comparisons between the universities through Studyportals and the fact that I saw all the options in one place was a big plus for me.

Did you take a language test (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS) when applying for the programme? If yes, which one did you choose, why and how was your experience with it?

Yes, I did . I took the TOEFL test in my country . I chose TOEFL because I liked the test format far more than IELTS and I preferred using a computer for the TOEFL test compared to the pen and paper for the IELTS test.

What would be your advice for students from your country that consider studying abroad?

Always look for countries that have ties with the English language because going to a place with a completely new language could bring much more problems to an already hard situation.

How did you finance your stay abroad and what financial advice would you give to future students?

I used my parents' savings account. My advice to the future international students will be to choose universities that match their budget, Don't go for the more expensive place because you think more expensive means better.

Why would you (not) recommend this particular city / university? How would you rate your experience on a scale from zero to ten (0 – It was a total disaster, 10 – I had the time of my life)?

Budapest Is a truly great city, with many sights to see and lots of cultural events but be careful of how you spend your money because the money goes fast.

About my current university I can't say much yet because it's still early but overall I think it's a good place to study depending on your needs and preferences, I give the city and the university each a score of 8.

Is there anything that you would do differently if you could do it over again?

try to bring everything that you will need with you, because purchasing some items in certain countries can be very expensive so be careful about that and don't forget to bring any medications that you regularly use!

What was the biggest surprise in your study abroad adventure?

The city has a certain vibe to it, it could be so pretty at some points and it could be very gritty in other times!

Were you inspired by Mohammad's story?

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