Sports Management Degrees That Will Turn You into the Next Mourinho -

Sports Management Degrees That Will Turn You into the Next Mourinho

If you dream about becoming a legend in Sports Management, you’re probably excited about these two people whose names have been on the lips of football experts for many years: Jose Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson.

But it’s not just about football. Most team sports, professional tennis players and athletes have their own sports managers, coaches and physical trainers. They are all extremely important if you want to achieve success with a Sports Management degree.

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Enhance your opportunities with a Master's in Sports Management

Before taking a close look at what these two people have realised in their careers, let’s think about what you can do if you want to become a sports manager yourself.

In case you didn’t know, universities and colleges worldwide have envisioned from a while ago that sports will not only be just competition or entertainment, it will also become a thriving business. And, as we all know, if you want to become a successful businessman, you have to study for it. Do you think sports and study have nothing to do with one another?

A Sports Management degree will prepare you to become an expert in sports techniques, but you will also understand everything related to sports marketing, accounting and business. Sports Management programmes are usually specialised in one particular sport that you choose, but they also provide insights into the operations of sports in general.

With a Sports Management degree, career opportunities are endless. You can not only become a manager of a sports team, you can choose and prepare to be a sports trainer or coach, sports agent, physical therapist and more.

Best countries for a Master's in Sports Management

Studying a Master's degree in Sports Management abroad offers you the opportunity to travel and live in different countries. During classes, you can focus on developing your management and communication skills, while in your free time you can explore the local culture, meet new people, and travel around.

Here are some top countries where you can study Sports Management degrees:

Enrol in a specialised programme like a degree in football

Apart from Sports Management degrees, many universities and colleges offer football studies, particularly at Bachelor's level. A football studies programme offers you theoretical and practical knowledge about all the facets of football: coaching, business, marketing, finance and management.

At postgraduate level, you can find programmes that teach you how the International Federation of Footb211875 works and you learn more about the latest trends in football management and techniques.

Sir Alexander Ferguson - the greatest football coach ever

Alex Ferguson was the coach and the manager of Manchester United for 26 years, known to be the first manager in the history of UK to have won the Premier League trophy three times consecutively. These were not his only trophies.

alex ferguson.jpg

The reason why everyone calls him the “supreme football trainer and manager” is because he won the largest number of trophies in the world history of footb211875 and all of them during his tenure at Manchester United (38 trophies, including 13 Premier League titles, five FA Cups and two UEFA Champions League titles to be precise).

As we’re talking about football here, you can imagine that with all these prizes, Ferguson helped Manchester United to become not only a world-renowned and powerful football team but also extremely rich. According to Forbes, Ferguson’s legacy is worth today around 3.317 million USD.

Jose Mourinho - "The Special One" with a high potential of becoming the next Ferguson

Jose Mourinho applied the same tactics and philosophy as Ferguson while he was a coach at Chelsea. He didn’t just coach, he also became the manager of Chelsea football club. During his time at Chelsea, he got the nickname “The Special One”, after becoming one of the highest paid football managers in the world.

Jose Mourinho is the perfect example of a famous, powerful and influential sports figure. Yes, he was attracted to football ever since he was a kid, but he actually made a smart move that certainly was the stepping stone to what he became today. He got a degree in Sports Science at the Technical University of Lisbon. His first job was as a sports teacher and then he attended coaching courses at various English Football Associations.

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Mourinho got himself noticed for always being ahead of the game and knowing what the opponents will do next. Just one year ago, the Portuguese Football Federation offered Jose Mourinho the title of the best Portuguese coach of the century.

Study a Master's in Sports Management and become as successful as Jose Mourinho

Find inspiration in the world of Sports Management

You don’t necessarily have to be inspired by these football icons. Some of you don’t know anything about football but still practise sports. You probably like tennis, swimming or any other sport. However, there are some things that all sports have in common: they are competitive, they involve hard work and if you persevere, you will eventually reap your laurels.

Sports Management degrees are the difference between playing Football Manager and actually becoming one. Do you want to become the next sports mastermind? Drop the joystick and start scrolling for the degree of your career!

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