Top 4 Bachelor's Degree Subjects to Study Abroad in the USA

The USA seems to have everything it takes to attract more and more international students. The diversity of studies and opportunities, innovation, and research that have a powerful impact, and a friendly and unique environment.

Plenty of American universities and colleges are at the top of international rankings, in terms of the academic offer, internet searches, and student satisfaction.

But do you know which disciplines are most popular for undergraduate students in the USA? We know that when it comes to an international Bachelor’s choosing a study discipline in another country can be difficult because it’s harder to know what’s popular there.

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To help you make the right choice for your studies we searched and searched to present you with the most popular disciplines you can find in a university/college within the United States of America. 

1. Bachelors in Business & Management

The winner in the category of “most popular major choices” is, by far, the field of Business & Management, and as PayScale declares, one of the highest-paid graduate salaries on the market.

  • Average salaries for U.S. Business graduates: 84,000 – 140,000 USD/year.

As a student, you will learn many of the aspects that relate to a business, such as how to finance it, build strategies, develop a communication plan, as well as placing it on the local and international market.

Some examples of good American universities offering Bachelors in Business in the USA are:

2. Bachelors in Law

Law Sciences and Criminal Justice are two fields of study international students fin very attractive. Law studies begin right after finishing high- school and end when you pass the official exam become a lawyer.

  • Average salaries for U.S Law Graduates: 49,000- 180,000 USD/year.

As a student, you will first learn about legal writing, contracts, constitutional law and other general fields and then you will proceed to more specialized subjects and begin your practice.

3. Bachelors in Engineering

Engineering & Technology, along with Computer Science & IT, are disciplines that are in a constant development, when it comes to education and career perspectives. 

If you are attracted by the technical side of learning, you will soon learn that tech is a field that involves a lot of practice and creativity. The classes are oriented to the practical side of study and the laboratories are equipped with the latest released technologies.

  • Average Salaries for U.S. Engineering graduates: 50,000– 173,000 USD/year.

Some promising Bachelor’s in Engineering can be found at:

Popular majors 4.jpg

4. Bachelors in Nursing and Medicine

Majors in Nursing and Human Medicine may lead to in-demand careers, but they also bring you a spot in one of the highest paying areas. These two similar fields are among the top preferences of local and international students that study for their Bachelor degrees in the USA and are available at many universities.

  • Average Salaries for U.S. Nursing graduates: 46,000 – 88,000 USD/year.
  • Average Salaries for U.S. Human Medicine graduates: 98,225 – 250,933 USD/year.

Wondering where to study Nursing and Medicine in the U.S.? Here are some ideas:

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